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Résumé for Reinhard Frank with reference to his family
16 Sept. 1928 Reinhard Frank is born in Leipzig as second child of his parents Hermann Frank and Hilde Frank nee Feldberg. The parents are Jewish but not religious. The older sister Anita has been born on 21 July 1921.

1933 After an early death of the father (1932) the family moves to Berlin.

1939 Hilde Frank tries, however without success, to save the entire family by registering the children at an English childcare support program, and to save herself by immigrating to Switzerland through conclusion of a civil marriage. The outbreak of World War II prevents the children from travelling to England and therefore, the intended later reunification of the family becomes impossible. The children stay in Berlin at foster parents’ homes. Anita starts a vocational training as a nurse in the Jewish Hospital in Berlin.

24 Oct. 1941 The mother receives the Swiss entry approval for Reinhard and Anita to immigrate to Switzerland one day after Himmler‘s secret order that all Jews are prohibited from emigrating from Germany. At first, Anita and Reinhard stay with different Jewish foster parents in Berlin, thereafter they stay at the Jewish Hospital where Anita works as a nurse and Reinhard works for the hospital’s technical services.

16 June 1943 Anita and Reinhard are deported first to the Teresín Ghetto and in late autumn of 1944 from Teresín to Auschwitz. Anita is deported further from Auschwitz to the camp Bergen-Belsen where she dies in Appril 1945.  Reinhard is transferred as forced labourer to Auschwitz-Gleiwitz III from where he manages to escape when the Russian army marches in in January 1945. The mother Hilde dies in August 1945 in Basle (Switzerland).

1946 to 1954 Reinhard is provided with a school education and a vocational training under the protection of his uncle Professor Wilhelm Feldberg in England (Leys School, Cambridge; Loughborough College of Technology, Leicestershire).

1954 to 1958 Reinhard works as development and project engineer in the X-Ray Division of the Mullard Radio Valve Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Philips.

1959 Reinhard emigrates to the United States of America, and works as an engineer in Palo Alto, CA.

1961 Reinhard moves to Cambridge, MA.

1962 Reinhard attends the Harvard Program for Management Development followed by work as private asset manager for decades, always being involved in philanthropic activities.

1993 Foundation of the Anita Day Care Centre, Or Yehuda, Israel.

2001 Foundation of the Reinhard Frank Foundation, Hamburg.

2009 Awarded honorary doctorate from Technion, Haifa, Israel.

12 Dec. 2010 Reinhard Frank dies after a long and severe illness in Cambridge/MA.
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