Reinhard Frank Stiftung
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Mission Statement

Reinhard Frank stands at the centre of the Reinhard Frank Foundation. The foundation pays attention to and respects his desires and wishes, implements them and continues them. 

International understanding among people lay at the founder’s heart, also on the background of his own experiences during the time of National Socialism. The founder was engaged above all in Israel, the USA and in Germany, as well as in England and Switzerland. The foundation stands in this tradition. 

The foundation, like Reinhard Frank, helps in particular youths and young people who – like Reinhard Frank himself – are unable to have an unrestricted course of education to find, begin or finish the right training/studies. The foundation gives these people a chance to acquire a good education as a basis for their later life. In doing so, the foundation concentrates on scientific technical studies/careers. 

The foundation, like Reinhard Frank, allows children from socially disadvantaged families or those whose families are in life-threatening situations to have an early support in the sense of basic needs, or to alleviate their poverty.  

The foundation is committed to the founder’s wishes for helping the blind. 

Politically, ideologically and religiously, the foundation is neutral. It does not promote any projects, activities and institutions which are oriented to pursue political viewpoints or ideological and religious doctrines.

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